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What To Expect At Coachella

How did Coachella Begin - The Origin Story

These days Coachella is one of the worlds most known festivals and basically it’s own fashion season but like many other great festivals it had very humble beginnings. 

Coachella began in 1999 as the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, at the Empire Polo Club in California. It was started by partners Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen, two promoters who headed Goldenvoice, the company that produces Coachella.Their 1999 lineup included bands like Rage Against the Machine, Beck, and Morrissey. Goldenvoice wanted to start Coachella as a way to showcase talent, not fame.However they were unsuccessful in this first year, selling only a third of the tickets they needed to sell in order to be profitable. Which is why the festival was cancelled in 2000, but thankfully the festival made a return in 2001 and due to celebrity attendance it grew into the festival powerhouse it is today. 

How many attendees does Coachella have?

In 1999, the very first Coachella event had 20,000 attendees. And wow, has it grown! In 2017, 250,000 tickets were sold for Coachella. Goldenvoice set a record for themselves, pulling in around $115 million in sales that year. If you’re planning on going, expect large crowds! 

How many days is Coachella? 

Coachella is 6 days long and is held over 2 consecutive weekends. However, tickets are sold per weekend - meaning ticket holders only attend 1 weekend (3 days) of the festival. The line up is generally the same for both weekends. 

What is the difference between Coachella weekend 1 and 2?

“The first weekend is about the influencers. The second weekend is about the music.” A music industry executive casually dropped this statement while attending Coachella. 

While weekend 1 and 2 pretty much have the same line up, both still offer some differences to attendees. On weekend 1 you are sure to spot some celebrities and influencers, so if you’re dying to meet some of the rich and famous, this is the weekend for you! However, weekend 2 also has its advantages; festival goers can edit their schedule based on weekend 1’s reviews, and usually people are there for the music and not for the scene—expect less selfies and more genuine fans which can set a very different vibe. Weekend 2 also has developed a little reputation for artists upping the ante on unannounced guests.

Who has played at Coachella - previous line up favourites

Coachella’s lineup is packed with contemporary music’s best and brightest! Every year you can expect a fantastic line up. Attendees have to struggle with the decision of who to put on their list of “must see” acts and work out their schedules accordingly.

Some of the best performers at past events include: 

  • Beyoncé - 2018 (not only was her performance amazing but she was also the first black woman to headline the festival) 
  • Prince - 2008 
  • Daft Punk - 2006 
  • Dr Dre and Snoop Dog - 2012
  • M.I.A, 2005
  • Kayne West, 2011
  • Rage against the Machine, 2007 (Fun fact,as mentioned earlier they also headlined the first edition in 1999) 
  • Pixies, 2004
  • The Cure, 2009 

Future event lineups are sure to be just as amazing! 

Things To Do At Coachella (besides the music of course) 

From delicious food to amazing art, Coachella offers more than just an awesome music line up. 

Feeling peckish? From vegans, vegos and carnivores alike, there is so much choice at Coachella. Expect pop up versions of LA eateries, upscale Mexican food to fresh sushi - get ready to sample some real gourmet. You can even jump on a supermarket shuttle and go stock up on some cheaper snacks from the local supermarket or check out the farmer’s market located in the campgrounds.

At what other music festival are you going to find roaring mechanical dragons that spit fire and giant crackling Tesla coils? The art at Coachella gets better and better every year. Be sure to check out some of the art installations on display while you are there, you won’t be disappointed. 

Yard games are also a fun attraction at Coachella. Have some fun with friends or make some new friends playing some some old school favorites like four square, dodgeball and relay races.

Take a little tour of the festival grounds in a pedicap / bicycle cabs - just don’t forget to tip your driver. 

Wondering what you need to bring to Coachella? Have a read of our essential list of things you do not want to forget! 

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