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Ultra Music Festival - The Where, When & How Guide.

What is Ultra Music Festival & Where is it Held?

Ultra Music Festival (UMF) is an annual outdoor electronic music festival that takes place during March in Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida. The festival was founded in 1999 by Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes. Ultra Enterprises Inc. and brings together the best DJs, electronic and dance acts from around the world. 

The Ultra Music Festival enthralls around 150,000 to 170,000 electronic and dance music fans in downtown Miami each year. Expect exuberant crowds, and thumping music well into the early hours of the morning. 

Over the years, Ultra Festival spread worldwide with editions in Buenos Aires, Santiago, Seoul, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Tokyo, Bali, Indonesia, Singapore, and Ibiza. But the original is held in Miami, Florida. 

The festival even has a live stream option for those who are unable to get tickets or travel to the event. Streaming views are available online via Ultra’s website for everyone to see.


When is Ultra Music Festival?

Typically Ultra Music Festival is held over 3 days in March. 2023’s festival is being held on March 24 - 26. 

How Do I Get to Ultra Music Festival? 

Ultra Music Festival Ticket Guide

Step one is to secure your ticket. Tickets go in phases and the first phase always runs out shortly after opening. However, tickets usually don’t fully sell out until a few weeks before the festival begins so there are usually no problems to get it, but yes, you have to be attentive. Ticket prices vary depending on which option you chose and which tier you buy - meaning the earlier you buy the more you save. Typically the early bird tickets go on sale in May, roughly 10 months before the festival occurs.  

There are both general admission and VIP ticket options. General admission passes just get you into Ultra Miami for all three days. The Ultra VIP passes will give you the following perks:

  • Access To The Social: The Social is a VIP lounge with multiple bars, TVs, air-conditioned bathrooms and Bayside views.
  • Ultra Baybridge: This is an exclusive VIP entrance that will allow you to skip the long, GA lines.
  • 3 VIP Areas: There are VIP areas with elevated views located at the Main Stage, RESISTANCE/ASOT Mega Structure and the Live Stage. For me this is the biggest of the VIP perks.

Prices on average are: (note: prices can change from year to year and don’t include taxes or other fees)

  • Ultra GA Tier 1 - $299.95
  • Ultra GA Tier 2 - $329.95
  • Ultra GA Tier 3 - $349.95
  • Ultra GA Tier 4 - $379.95
  • Ultra VIP Tier 1: $1249.95
  • Ultra VIP Tier 2: $1499.95

Ultra does offer a payment plan for a limited amount of tickets until November 15th. 

To snag a ticket under the Tier 1 or 2 price you will have to register for pre-sale. On the day of the presale, assuming you have registered your account with Ultra, you can go on and purchase presale passes. Registration opens after the current year's festival is over and ends by a specific cut off date. You can keep an eye out for register cut off dates and pre-sale ticket dates on their website. 

There are no single day passes to Ultra. The only passes available are the 3-day GA and VIP passes.

Once you have purchased your ticket it is usually shipped out to you about 2 weeks prior to the festival date or you do also have the option of picking up your ticket at the festival itself, if the person who purchased them is present with a valid ID.

When do Ultra Music Festival tickets ship?

The shipping date for Ultra Music Festival tickets varies and is usually announced by the festival organizers. To find out the specific shipping date for a particular event, you can check the festival's official website or contact the ticket vendor directly. The shipping timeline for festival tickets varies, but it is typically several weeks to a few months before the event. To be sure about the specific shipping timeline for Ultra Music Festival tickets, it's best to check the festival's official website or contact the ticket vendor directly.


Travelling to Ultra Music Festival Festival & Where To Stay

Ultra Music Festival does not have a camping option so you will need to secure accommodation nearby and travel to and from the festival each day. Thankfully the festival is located in downtown Miami, which makes getting there much easier then some other festivals located outside cities. 

Hotels within walking distance are very expensive. So, if you are on a budget we suggest staying a little further away and taking advantage of public transport. If you stay in South Beach you will need to grab a bus. If you stay in other areas of Miami you can likely take a train or walk to a bus. 

Miami has three main ways to get around in terms of public transportation. They are the Metromover, MetroRail and the MetroBus. (Note: If you are staying outside of the greater Miami area in a place like Fort Lauderdale you can take the Tri-Rail).

The Metromover, Miami’s above ground solar powered train is free and has a stop at Bayfront Park where Ultra Miami is located. It runs from just south of downtown to just north of it. Thus you can grab the Metro Mover at any of its 21 stops and take it to Ultra Miami. View the Metromover map here. (Side Note: This runs from 5am to Midnight)

If you are not staying within the downtown area of Miami then the Metrorail is a great option for you. The MetroRail covers a large portion of the Miami-Date county and you can use it to connect to the Metro Mover to get to Ultra Miami. It will cost you about $12 if you take it round trip each day. If you take the Metrorail into Miami you can transfer to the MetroMover at Government Center to get to Bayfront Park. View the Metrorail map here. (Side Note: This runs from 5am to Midnight)

The Metrobus is a great option for those staying in the Miami Beach area and it runs 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. It will cost you about $2.25 a ride. The bus you take and the time will depend on what part of Miami Beach you are in. Find out more about routes and schedules here. 

The Tri-Rail is only good for getting to Ultra Miami if you are staying outside of Miami in the Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale area. You can find out more about the Tri-Rail here.

There is also the option of getting on Uber, however, expect prices to be more expensive and for it to take more time than usual to get there given how busy the weekend will be. We do not suggest driving yourself to and from the festival. Traffic is terrible, parking is overpriced, there are police everywhere - it’s stressful! 

We hope this guide helps you get to Ultra Music festival stress-free, safely and within budget!  


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