The Ultimate Guide To Coachella Tickets

Coachella 2023 returns to the Californian desert April 14th-16th and April 21st-23rd. Tickets for the 2022 festival sold out in a matter of hours so, with those odds in mind, it’s good to be prepared if you want to secure a pass for 2023! 

Advance sale tickets went on sale Friday, June 17th at 10:00 am PT, if you were lucky enough to secure your ticket on that day we are truly jealous! If not, then don’t worry, there is still some hope out there. 

Coachella Ticket Prices

Basic general admission passes start at $499 for Tier 1 and go up to $599 for tier 3. There is no difference in tiers besides the price and timing - aka. the earlier you can buy - the cheaper it is. Overall ticket options range from $499 to $9000 depending on add ons such as VIP, shuttles and camping / accommodation options. The full list of passes available can be seen here

Coachella 2023 Waitlist

Waitlists are now available for each weekend and tickets are valid for the entire weekend (and only the weekend) you purchased. Although the line up each weekend is pretty much the same, an industry executive at Coachella 2022 did state “The first weekend is about the influencers. The second weekend is about the music.”. Although on weekend 1 you'll see more celebrities and ‘sparkle’, weekend 2 has developed a little reputation for artists upping the ante by bringing unannounced guest artists to join in their set. 

Your payment information is required in order to join the waitlist and no payment plans are available. However, you will only be charged once your pass is secured - which Coachella will notify you about. 

For those of you who still dream of dancing in the desert for a full weekend of fun, you can join the waitlist for weekend 1 or 2 passes right here

Can you swap Coachella weekend passes or sell your tickets?

You will find the ‘official waitlist and exchange’ page on Coachella’s website. Here the organisers essentially take a list of people looking to sell or swap their passes and match them with people looking to buy.

Swapping your Coachella passes for a different weekend:

All swap requests are subject to availability and there will be a $50 per pass fee to swap weekends, which will only be charged if they are able to accommodate your swap. Going through the festival's official channels will ensure your passes are always authentic. 

Selling your Coachella ticket:

If you are looking to sell your pass an offer will be sent to you based on demand. If an offer can not be sent to you right away then the organisers will be in touch if demand increases. If you choose to accept the offer you will be paid 1 business day after the event to your PayPal account.

Some things to note: 

  • You can still return your pass after you have received your wristband in the mail however please note that your wristband will be cancelled.
  • Passes must be paid in full before being available to be returned.
  • Any returned wristbands that attempt to scan onsite may result in forfeiture of your refund - so don’t try and cheat and system. 

Transferring your Coachella pass to a friend?

If you are kind enough to give or sell your pass to someone you already know then you can use the official Private Exchange option. Private Exchange ensures authenticity for buyers and provides security for sellers. You can safely share a link to sell your pass via email, SMS or social media. Only someone with access to your link will be able to purchase your pass(es). Once money is received the passes will be transferred from your account to theirs and you will no longer have access to them.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Click the “Sell or Transfer” button from the exchange page
  • Enter your email address to locate passes
  • Select the passes you want to include in your sell link. Only one pass type can be sold per link. If you have multiple pass types you want to sell, you will have to create separate links.
  • Set the price you wish to sell your passes for and enter your PayPal email so you can get paid!. Then click “Continue”
  • Use the “Share” button to copy the link you created so you can share your sell link with friends or other fans.

Side Note: your order must be paid in full in order to use Private Exchange 


Best of luck in securing your 2023 Coachella Ticket, no matter what weekend you attend you are sure to have the time of your life! 


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