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The Best Costume Festivals In The World

Fancy dress or costume parties have been around since the eighteenth-century masquerade balls. Today, however, they are a much different affair. They represent culture, celebration, fun, uniqueness and much more. There are many events and festivals around the world where costumes play a major part in the celebration and spectacle of these events, here is our list of the “must see” costume festivals in the world…

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How Did Burning Man’s Fashion and Art Scene Start?

From a simple gathering around a bonfire, the Burning Man, for nine days, becomes the center of fashion and art, a temporary city where you can share and enjoy the community’s talents and gifts. And for decades, the Burning Man has given people a place to unleash their creativity and innovativeness. These skills can be seen in the wide variety of costumes, headgears, jewelries, bikes, tents, camps, art pieces, among others.

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